Used Formworks

Modern architecture challenges the art of construction with ever more creative projects. The equipment must always be adapted to the new requirements without eating up the profits through accumulating costs. Here’s where our assortment of used formworks comes into play. It is a matter of course that the products we stock are in the best condition! The various brands (Doka, Framax, Hünnebeck, Meva, Paschal and Peri) available in our shop stand for high quality and our prices are proof of our efficiency.Suitable formwork for every construction siteConcrete is considered the ideal construction material thanks to its formability. In order for this advantage to come to the fore, various tools, including formwork and accessories, are needed until the building material is solid enough. During the construction process the condition of these support elements is only slightly diminished, meaning they can be used again and again. However, one disadvantage of these support elements is their limited application. Many different building elements require their own forms and a construction company must react quickly and on a case-by-case basis. Viewed individually, the formwork has both a positive and a negative effect. However, overall there is a clear benefit in used formwork systems. Our assortment includes many different models and versions including:PanelsSupportsBeamsScaffolding andSuitable accessories Tip: Thanks to our affordable prices, our used formworks are ideal for construction projects in the private sector. Doing things yourself should keep costs down and our used formwork prices will boost these savings even more.Professional used formwork salesOn a construction site, a building company usually uses several formwork combinations in order to achieve the desired result. However, careful calculations are not only required for construction formwork – they are also necessary when it comes to finance. Building up a large stock in a warehouse increases tied-up capital and thus inventory costs. This is why it is both financially and practically useful to sell used formworks and purchase new (or used) formworks as needed. For this reason, commercial and private property developers constantly provide us with new products that extend our assortment. We invite you to contact us to discuss your individual solution. You are sure to find the right elements for your specific enquiry in our warehouse.Tip: We are also interested in purchasing suitable formwork systems. Improve your cash flow by collaborating with Berger Construction Equipment – here’s to a constructive future!